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Welcome to the CEDEX Knowledge Center where you’ll find a extensive content and learn about Diamonds, Cryptocurrencies and of course about Cedex, because the more you know the smarter you trade! The CEDEX Knowledge center will cover some of the more important basics.


If you want information about CEDEX – you’re in the right place - this section of the CEDEX knowledge center is focused on letting you know exactly how Cedex bridges the gaps between the conservative, exclusive world that is the diamond industry and the brash...

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Not only are diamonds a girl’s best friend, they can be yours. Diamonds have long been a valuable item (particularly since the beginning of the 19th century); they have long maintained an air of elusiveness for the everyday investor or trader, as well as for the common man...

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Cryptocurrencies are a new arrival to the world financial stage, their earliest forms have been around for less than 30 years and only grew popular following the introduction of Bitcoin, its most popular form, over the past decade.Since other forms of payments have been around...

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CEDEX Marketing Q&A

Streamed 8-30-2018

Team CEDEX Introduction Video

Streamed 7-31-2018

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What is the CEDEX… is a global diamond commodity exchange that has engineered…

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The whitepaper is available at the following link.